ginger! (anxietyflow) wrote in the_biff,


So I finally got this community set up as soon as LJ was willing to coorperate with me. *shakes fist*

Obviously you're here because you are a Greg Biffle fan or else you're just one of those stalkers. Well, that's great. Why don't you join and actually POST stuff instead of letting it rot like my other communities? Seriously, I want people to POST stuff! I know I never post. I feel dumb talking in communities. But if you come across an article, any article, post the link. Chances are atleast someone didn't see it. Like me anyway. I don't search NASCAR sites obsessively like others seem to. Pictures are welcome too, but you know the drill. If it's all big, use a cut.

And I want this community to be NICE. No bashing or catty bitchiness will be tolerated. The world would be a much better place without your catty drama.

Rawk on.
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