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Biffle to start his own Busch team? #16-Greg Biffle is considering starting his own Busch Series team, which would begin operation in 2004. "I'm exploring options right now. I think running in the Busch series really helps my Winston Cup program," Biffle said. "There aren't a lot of Ford Busch teams, so it's tough for me to find a decent ride with someone else." Biffle, who drives the #16 Fords for Roush Racing in Cup, has run several Busch races this season with Evans Motorsports but received some criticism from Ford since Evans uses Chevrolets. "There is such a conflict with Ford and Chevy and we don't want to give information to other teams, so I'm looking into doing my own program," he said. "I would entertain the thought of running a partial or full schedule, even." Biffle said Roush officials have told him they have been trying to put together a Busch program for him. "They've been saying for quite some time that they were going to get something together. We were going to run a part-time Busch deal when we were Truck racing; a part-time Cup deal when we were Busch racing; and now a part-time Busch deal when were Cup racing. None of it has materialized," Biffle said. "If I'm in control of it then I know it's going to happen." Biffle doesn't own a race shop but said the most difficult part would be finding the sponsorship money.(
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